Crane rails


Rail type Rail head width, b Base width, b1 Rail height, h Theoretical weight of1 m of rail, kg
Dimensions in mm
KP70 70.0 120.0 120.0 46.10
KP80 80.0 130.0 130.0 59.81
KP100 100.0 150.0 150.0 83.09
KP120 120.0 170.0 170.0 113.47
KP140 140.0 170.0 170.0 141.70

Nail type Normative document for

technical requirements
Steel grade Normative document for chemical composition Product length
KP70, KP80, KP100, KP120, KP140 DSTU 2484-94 GOST 4121-96 63 DSTU 2484-94 GOST 4121-96 Specified length 9.0-12.0 m; random length 4-12 m


All other grades and dimensions accordingly to your technical requirements(specification) should be negotiated accordingly to your official request and as result can be placed for production after.

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